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should we buy jr pass for child under 5 years old?

Should we buy JR pass for child under 5 years old?

Hi! My family has2 adults and 2 children. One is 8 years old an one is 3 years old. If i buy JR pass, how many tickets should I buy? 2 adults tickets + 1 child ticket is ok? Is it free for child under 6 years old as I see on website there are only ticket for adult and 6-12 years old child only.

And my plan is visiting
1 Tokyo
2 Osaka
3 Kyoto
4 Nara

Is JR pass cover all of these places? With JR pass in Tokyo we can use yamanote line subway. In Osaka and Kyoto, which sub way line can we use with this JR pass? And from namba station in osaka, which JR line is operated for Kansai airport?

Thank you for your guide.


Hello there,

In general children below the age of 6 travel free. You can find all the details in our blog:

The JR Pass covers travel between all these places, including local travel on JR Lines within Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. Note that other transport methods such as the metro are not included.

To travel from JR Namba - Kansai Airport using the JR Pass, take a local train to Shin-Imamiya. Here you can transfer to the airport rapid service to Kansai Airport.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Daniel ,

At namba station is there no JR train to shin imamiya? Do you mean that we have to pay for local train here?



Hi Thao,

I just answered your other question too.

For reference: You could use the JR Pass for local travel on the JR from the station called JR-Namba - Shin-Imamiya. This route is covered.

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