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Dear Sir,

We will go to Osaka for a week from 05th - 11th Feb 2017. Currently we are planning our itineraries as follow. However, we are wondering whether does JR Pass suitable for our itineraries.

1st Day , 05th Feb 2017
- Will stay at hotel near Kansai Airport

2nd Day, 06th Feb 2017
- Will make a trip to Kyoto and stay at Nagoya for a night. Plan to visit Fushimi Inari Shrine, Gion, Ginger Temple and Kiyomizu and last to Nabana No Sato before head to Hotel.

3rd Day, 07th Feb 2017
- From Nagoya to Shirakawa-go. Plan to visit Nagoya Castle, Osu Kanno Temple, TV Tower and last to Shirakawa-go and stay a night as onsen.

4th Day, 08th Feb 2017
- Visit Alpine then head back to Osaka

5th - 7th Day, 09th - 11th Feb 2017
- Free & Easy at Osaka



Hello Shandy,

I think of your travel plan it would make most sense to either buy normal tickets or look at an area pass, such as the Hokuriku area pass. A JR Pass would require additional travel in order to help you make savings.

Enjoy Japan!

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