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should i purchase a jr pass?

Should I purchase a JR Pass?

Hi, I m traveling from Tokyo to Kobe by Shinkansen on 8 Aug. After having lunch at Ikuta, I ll going back to Osaka and I'm staying near Osakananba Station. I'll travel again from Osaka to Kyoto on 10 Aug, then from Kyoto to Tokyo again on the next morning. I would like to travel as many as I can by JR Pass if only allowed.

My question are as follows:-

  1. On 8 Aug, can I travel from Shin-Kobe to Shin-Osaka station then to JR namba station only using my JR Pass, then I
    walk to Osakananba station and to my hotel nearby?

  2. On 10 Aug, can I travel from JR Namba station to Shin-Osaka Station then to Kyoto station with only JR Pass?

As I'm thinking of should I purchase a JR Pass with me, or I'd rather purchase the nozomi train instead of JR Pass. I'm travelling in and out from Haneda airport Tokyo and I'd consider the airport limo bus from and to Haneda. I didn't find any way to fully use my JR Pass.

Kindly advise me on this.



Hi there!

1.) You can use the JR Pass for the entire journey from Tokyo - Kobe - Shin Osaka and on the JR Namba without having the pay anything extra.

2.) The same applies for the route from JR Namba - Kyoto, which is also covered by the JR Pass.

Traveling to Haneda Airport is also covered by the JR Pass, you can use it to travel on the Tokyo Monorail from Hamamatsucho - Haneda Airport without having to pay for a ticket. (Hamamatsucho is located on the Yamanote line and is just 7 minutes away from Tokyo station).

This means that you would be able to do all your travel with the JR Pass without the need of any additional tickets.

Hope this helps,

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