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should i go for jrpass 7 or 14 days

Should I go for JRPass 7 or 14 days

I will be visiting Japan for about 14 days, may I know if you would advise me to take 7 days or 14 days pass, pls refer to my roughly itinerary below.

Day 1- Arrive at Narita Airport at afternoon - plan to stay nearby area and only activate my JR pass on the next day early morning as JR pass count by date and not following the exact hours you use.

Day 2 - Narita to Ise - may you suggest a good place to stay in Narita so I can take the shinkasen to Ise easily ? I plan to use JR pass at 7am.
A) Narita to Shinagawa - Nagoya - Toba - Is this the easier route to Toba, Ise area ? easy to switch the train or not ? any direct train ?
B) May I know if JRpass cover the routes ?

Day 3 - around Ise and Toba area - any place to recommend ? or better well stay in Nagoya ??

Day 4 - Depart from Toba, ISE to Osaka
A) - Sighseeing around Osaka, if got time go Osaka Castle

Day 5 - USJ - JRPass cover Osaka Castle and USJ or not ?

Day 6 - Osaka - Hiroshima and Miyajima
Morning, leaving Osaka and go Hiroshima, check in Hotel, then take train to Miyajima, after dinner only go back Hiroshima.

Day 7 - around Hiroshima area

Day 8 - this is the last day of my JR 7 Days pass. what time should I take Hiroshima to Tokyo ? any advise ?
direct train or need to change the train also ?

Day 9 - 15,
2 days - plan to stay in Hakone ? due to recent volcano alert ? safe to visit ?
few days in Tokyo cities
few days in Disney Sea
back to narita airport

So I think the first 7 days, i might need 7 Days JR Pass.
the last 7 days, i will stay at Tokyo and visit theme park, so I do not think it is necessary to go for JR pass 14 days. what do you guys think ? any advise ?

As for the first 7 days. my itineraries are easy to follow and use or not ?
because I am travelling with 3 kids. and first time with Japan rail way. Is it too difficult ?


Hi there,

I recommend purchasing a 7 day JR Pass to travel from Tokyo - Ise - Osaka - Hiroshima and back to Tokyo. This way you'll be able to make very good savings and use the JR Pass to its max. In general it is easy to get around with the JR Pass, because you have one ticket for all your travels.

There's only one way from Tokyo - Ise and that is via Nagoya. It is not a difficult route but you have to make a transfer or two. The JR Pass can be used. I think staying near Ise would be nice, Nagoya is more a city for business than tourism.

The JR Pass will also get you to Osaka castle, USJ and many other places in Osaka.

On to Hiroshima, the JR Pass can be used here on the local sightseeing bus and ferry to Miyajima. Going to Tokyo will take some time. However you can still stay in Hiroshima until lunch before traveling on.

Hakone is save to visit, although some areas may have limited access.

Hope this helps,

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