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should i get jr pass?

Should I get JR PAss?

We are going to Japan in April 2016. Just wondering if we should buy JR Pass. Here is our itenerary.

1-3rd day: Osaka
4th day: Day trip in Kyoto (Fushimi Inari Taisha (orange gates), Kiyomizudera Temple, Higashiyama District, Gion)- Hotel in Osaka
5th day: Day trip in Kyoto (Arashiyama area, Sagano Scenic train, Bamboo Groves, kinkakuji)- Hotel in Osaka
6th day: Transfer hotel in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture- 1 night only
7th day: Check in hotel in Kyoto
8th day: Day trip in Nara
9th day: Tokyo

I will be travelling with my husband and 8 yr old child.
Please let me know.



Hello there,

For this itinerary I recommend purchasing normal tickets. You'll spend most time within the Kansai Region (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara) and travel within this area is relatively low priced. The only part that is pricey is travel to Tokyo but a JR Pass would not help you make savings here, as you will just travel one way.

Hope this helps,

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