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should i get a jr pass?

Should I get a JR pass?


I will be heading to Japan soon and wish to find out should I get this pass. This is my plan;

Day 1 : From Haenda Airport to Osaka.
Day 2 : 1 day in Osaka.
Day 3 : From Osaka to Kyoto.
Day 4 : 1 day in Kyoto.
Day 5 : From Kyoto to Nara park and back to Kyoto.
Day 6 : 1 day in Kyoto.
Day 7 : From Kyoto to Tokyo.
Day 8 to 14 : Stay in Tokyo.

Is it easy to purchase the daily ticket from the counter? Will the queue be long?

Hi there,

This is a bit of a cassic itinerary and the JR Pass works well for it. I would recommend a 7 day JR Pass and use it from Day 1-7. This way you can make the best savings and the JR Pass can be used for rail travel between all of the above places.

Getting tickets is easy. Just show the JR Pass and say where you wish to go. Depending on the time of day there may be queues though, however it never takes more than a couple of minutes to reserve the tickets.

Also see:

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