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should i get a 7 day jr pass?

Should I get a 7 day JR pass?

I am travelling to Japan for two weeks from Sep 9- sep 23
I intend on staying in Tokyo from Sep 9- 13, and then leave for Hakone on Sep 14, have an overnight stay, and then head onward to Kyoto for a couple of days with maybe day trips to Osaka and Hiroshima before heading back from Kyoto to Tokyo for my flight home. Is it worth getting the 7 day JR pass for the second week that I am in Japan?
Also I am not sure on the hakone zone free pass, as its around 6100 yen for 2 days, that covers a return trip from tokyo to hakone- is that worth getting, even though I intend on going from tokyo to hakone and then to kyoto? If I don't get the hakone free pass, how much does the cost of using the cable cars and ropeway etc in hakone add up to?



just for clarification this is my intended itinerary and I wanted to know if its worth getting the 7 day jr pass:

Tokyo- hakone (overnight stay)
hakone -kyoto
kyoto- osaka (day trip)
kyoto-hiroshima (day trip)
hiroshima- kyoto
tokyo-narita airport


First, if you go from Tokyo down to Hiroshima and back within a week, you will get huge savings from a 7 day JR Pass. But it's unclear where you're getting the 6100 yen figure for the Hakone Pass. As you can see on the Hakone Free Pass website, from Tokyo it's 5,140 yen for 2 days. If you are concerned, you can use the JR pass and go to Odawara Stn, and then use the Hakone pass which from that point is just 4,000 yen. Using the JR Pass to go from Tokyo to Narita on the Narita Express would save you about 3,000 yen though.
For a day trip to Hiroshima/Miyajima, it is possible if you start very early - you can cover the best places in Hiroshima City (Peace Park/Museum, castle, Shukkeien Garden, Ononomiyaki-mura) in the morning and spend about ¾ of a day to see Miyajima.
For Miyajima, please note that there are 2 ferry companies there - make sure you go to the JR one if you want to use your pass. If you still have some time, just a bit past Miyajima is Iwakuni with its iconic historical bridge and mountaintop castle.
Near Kyoto you should definitely not miss Nara either - the Todaiji Great Buddha is one of Japan's very best sights.

Best of luck.


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