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should i get 7day or 14day jr pass

Should I get 7day or 14day JR PASS

Itinerary a follows:

SEPT 25th - OCT 11th 2015

Sept 26th - arrive at 3:30PM in Narita airport and travel to Tokyo Japan
Sept 27th - Tokyo - enjoy the Ikebukuro Fukuro Matsuri Festival
Sept 28th - Tokyo - shopping and finding KITKATS
Sept 29th - Minakami to do rafting and canyoning, stay in takaragawa hot springs
Sept 30th - Hacioji City to climb Mt. Takao leave to get back to Tokyo
Oct 1st - Tokyo - FREE admission day to parks and aquariums
Oct 2nd - Kyoto
Oct 3rd - Kyoto
Oct 4th - Kyoto day trip to NARA
Oct 5th - Kyoto day trip to OSAKA
Oct 6th - Kyoto day trip to OSAKA
Oct 7th - HIROSHIMA stay night in Miyajima
Oct 8th - day in Miyajima, leave in evening for TAKAYAMA
Oct 10th - Leave Takayama for Narita,be in Narita by 6PM and watch the famous fireworks show
Oct 11th - Leave Narita airport for home at 11AM

Do you think the 7 day or 14 day pass would be better? If 7day when should I enact it? Anything I am missing from itinerary that you would recommend? Any suggestions for how to see the Takayama festival?

Thanks to all for the help!! We are so excited to visit Japan!


Hello there,

You will be travel a lot! Going for the 14 day JR Pass is certainly the best option. There is just too much travel, not to get one. You will want to use it at least between Sept 29th and Oct 10th, because all -otherwise expensive- travel is within this period, including a lot using the bullet trains.

Some advice for Takayama, try to reserve your accommodation as soon as possible. The city is quickly fully booked for the festival. If that does not work, try staying at one of the nearby cities such as Gero-Onsen. Also the trip from Hiroshima - Takayama is pretty long, be sure to leave early.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

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