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should i get 7-day or 14-day pass?

Should I get 7-day or 14-day pass?

I've been doing some research for my upcoming Japan trip and am wondering whether I should get a 7-day or 14-day pass.

Day 1 - Arrive Tokyo at noon. Visit Daiba
Day 2 - Tokyo
Day 3 - Nikko day trip
Day 4 - Tokyo
Day 5 - Kamakura day trip, then travel to Hakone stay overnight
Day 6 - Hakone, then take Sunrise Seto from Atami to Okayama
Day 7 - continue from Okayama to Miyajima and spend full day at Miyajima
Day 8 - Hiroshima , visit Hmeji on way to Osaka
Day 9 - Nara -> Osaka
Day 10 - Mt Koya day trip
Day 11 - Arima stay overnight
Day 12 - from Arima to Kyoto
Day 13 - Kyoto
Day 14 - Kyoto
Day 15 - Kyoto half day then go to Osaka
Day 16 - Osaka
Day 17 - early morning flight from Kansai Airport

I read that within Kyoto area it's not that easy to use the JR pass, Mt Koya and Arima are not accessible with only the JR pass. Should I just get 7 day JR pass from Day 3 - Day 9 to get the most out of the pass?

Is it possible to book Sunrise Seto for a weekday in October with only 6 days prior to departure day?

Is there any other places I could visit or squeeze into this itinerary?

Thank you.


Hi there!

I think a 7 day JR Pass is best suited here. You can do all high cost travel within its 7 day validity period and local travel in Kansai is not so expansive in any event.

Week days are generally less busy than weekends and I think you have a good chance to book the Sunrise express, however be sure to have a plan B ready just in case. The train ride this a great experience and I would certainly recommend taking the Sunrise express if you have the opportunity.

As for squeezing in places - why not make a stop over in Kobe, there are free Sake breweries there or you can take the robe-way from Arima to Onsen to mount Rokko and enjoy a splendid view of Kobe and Kansai. The way down is Kobe is also pretty cool!

I hope this helps!

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Thank you very much Daniel-san! I was planning to see the night view from Mt Rokko, but I saw on the website that the last rope-way departs at 5pm-ish on weekday, so I gave up that plan. I'll make a stop over in Kobe. The buildings seem interesting.

I've always wanted to try an overnight train and crossing my fingers that I could book it. I'll make a plan B to stay over in Osaka just in case.

Thank you!


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