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should i buy jr pass for this itinerary?

Should I buy JR pass for this itinerary?

Should I buy JR pass for this itinerary:
Day 1- Narita - Shinjuku via narita express
Day 2- sanrio puroland, tokyo skytree
Day 3- tokyo disney
Day 4- Mt Fuji , lake kawaguchiko
Day 5- Shinjuku-Osaka
Day 6- Osaka-Kyoto

Day 7- osaka-Kansai airport
I also plan to go to areas within tokyo such as shibuya, ginza, ueno, roponggi, and akihabara; amd major tourist spots in kyoto.

Given this itinerary, is it worth buying a 7 day pass? I tried hyperdia but i got confused because apparently some legs of the trip are made on non-jr lines.

Your input will be much appreciated.


Hello there!

Given your itinerary, I think that it would be best to buy normal tickets for your travel. The JR Pass works best when you travel between different cities using the Shinkansen, in this itinerary Shinkansen travel is limited to a one way trip Tokyo - Osaka. The JR Pass can be used for local travel around Tokyo, however local travel cost is rather low.

I would recommend buying a SUICA + N'EX package upon your arrival as it gives you a discounted ticket on the Narita Express to Shinjuku and you can use the Suica card for later travel around Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Hope this helps!

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Ok great.Thanks for the reply.


Ok great.Thanks for the reply.


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