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should i buy jr pass?

Should I buy JR Pass?

Hi experts, will appreciate if you could provide me with any valuable comments, if i should purchase a JR. If I shouldn't please advise any possible alternative. Its my first time travelling to Japan.

29/6/16 - arrive at kansai airport at 4.55pm -> travel to tokyo (Okubo station)

30/6/16 to 5/7/16 - Travel around tokyo

  1. Tokyo station
  2. Ginza Uniqlo
  3. Yurakucho
  4. Oedo onsen mongatari
  5. Shin okubo korea town
  6. Tendon in asakusa
  7. Kinshicho daiso
  8. Ameyoko market
  9. Harajuku
  10. Tsukiji fish market
  11. Tokyo dome city
  12. Ryogoku
  13. Tokyo Disney resort
  14. Shibuya
  15. Kusatsu Onsen
  16. Mount Fuji

5/7/16 - Travel from Tokyo to Kyoto

5/7/16 to 8/7/16 - Travel around Kyoto & Nara

  1. Nishiki Market
  2. Kyoto imperial palace
  3. Pontocho
  4. Kiyomizudera Temple
  5. Higashiyama District
  6. Fushimi / Senbon inari shrine
  7. Amanohashidate
  8. Kawadoko in Kibune
  9. Nara park

8/7/16 - Travel from Kyoto to Osaka

8/7/16 - 13/7/16

  1. Shinsaibashi
  2. Dotonbori
  3. Kuromon ichiba market
  4. Osaka aquarium kaiyuan
  5. Universal studio
  6. Osaka castle
  7. Spa world
  8. Osaka takoyaki museum
  9. Osaka satation city
  10. Konamon Museum
  11. Shinsekai
  12. Umeda joypolis sega

13/7/16 - Travel back to Kansai Airport

anne mah
anne mah

Hi there,

I would use a 7 day JR Pass for travel from day 1 - day 7. Travel to Tokyo and Kyoto. This alone will pay for the JR Pass. The JR Pass is also valid on the local JR network in Tokyo, covering much of the metropolis.

After day 7, most travel is all relatively local within the Kansai area and normal tickets will get you around from there. You can also buy an IC card to travel around.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for your promt reply. Much appreciated!


anne mah
anne mah

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