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should i buy 7 days jr pass

Should I buy 7 days JR pass

My friend and I are planning to Fukuoka, Japan from Oct 17 to Oct 24, 2012.

Our itinerary will be Fukuoka, Kumamoto,Kurokawa Onsen, Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Tokyo.

Do I get saving if I buy a 7 day JR pass ?

Thank you


Hi there!

Lets check your JR ticket costs. You'll need to spend over ¥28,300 on JR tickets in order to make a 7 day JR Pass cost effective:

  1. Hakata > Kumamoto: ¥4,990 (35mins, 118km)
  2. Kumamoto > Aso(kumamoto): ¥1,080 (99mins, 49km)
  3. Aso(kumamoto) > Kagoshima: ¥8,910 (152mins, 223km)
  4. Kagoshima > Miyazaki: ¥2,420 (160mins, 122km)
  5. Miyazaki > Tokyo: ¥31,590 (589mins, 1589km)

JR ticket cost: ¥48,990 for 5 legs

For Kurokawa onsen you should aim for Aso station, and then use the bus from Aso to Kurokawa. On arrival at Aso station turn right for the bus ticket office or left for the tourist information desk for further information. Please note the times taken for this travel - although you will make savings if you do this all via JR it will take time (Miyazaki in particular wil take time to get to).

Hope this helps!

Hope this helps!

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