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shinkansen reservation with children

Shinkansen reservation with children


I'm wondering how the reserved seating areas work.

We (2 adults, 3 children) will be travelling on 3 tickets between the 5 of us (youngest children can go free), so would only reserve 3 seats. Are all reserved seats in one part of the train (making it less likely that there will be free seats for the 2 without tickets). If so would we be better off to not reserve seats and hope that we can find some in the non-reserved areas?

Would rather not have children on our laps from Tokyo to Kyoto, but also don't want to pay child fares when I don't need to.



Hi there,

The best advise I can give you here is, ask the station attended when making seat reservations. They can see how busy the train will be and if there are enough seats available to seat your family. They can also assist with tactical seat selection, so you have the best chance of seating.

You could also chance it on non-reserved seats, however your children will still not be entitled to seats and you may still be asked to take them upon you in case of a fully booked train.

Though I don't think it will be too hard to get seats if you travel outside of peak moments.

Hope this helps!

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