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shinkansen nozomi

Shinkansen Nozomi

I am about to purchase my JR Pass but need clarification on a couple of questions
Q1. Given our itinerary, we would prefer to purchase 2x7 day passes each. We are staying in Kyoto for a few days in the middle of our trip and would waste too many days with a 14 day pass. Is it possible to buy 2 x 7 day passess each?
Q2. i have checked Hyperdia and identified all our train schedules. We plan to travel on the Shinkansen Nozomi 35 from Tokyo to Osaka departing Tokyo at 13:10. We also plan to travel (on a different day) on the Shinkansen Nozomi 5 from Fukuyama to Hiroshima departing Fukuyama at 10:08. I notice that some Nozomi Shinkansen may not be covered by the JR Pass so I would like clarification as to whether the ones I have chosen will be covered by the pass.
thankyou for your help


I was also wondering about this from Hiroshima - Nagasaki


Hello there,

1.) Yes it is certainly possible to buy 2 rail passes, do note that you may also purchase a 21 day JR Pass for the same money.

2.) The Nozomi trains are not included, you can however use the Hikari and Sakura Shinkansen instead, these are the same trains but make a couple more stops on the way.

@matporter, the JR Pass also covers travel from Hiroshima - Nagasaki with the Sakura Shinkansen.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel


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