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shinkansen from tokyo to kanazawa with jr pass

Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kanazawa with JR Pass

Can you you tell me if every Shinkansen accepts the JR pass on the new line from Tokyo to Kanazawa. I may have read somewhere online that there might be one or two trains (maybe the fastest Shinkasen on the route) that don't accept the JR pass. Alas - I can't find that article now.

Planning the leg of my trip from Tokyo to Kanazawa and want to make sure I'm selecting the right train (I'm looking at SHINKANSEN KAGAYAKI, and SHINKANSEN HAKUTAKA 555



the short answer is Yes the JR Pass covers the Tokyo - Kanazawa route.
You will need a reservation for the Kagayaki (the faster of the two) as it does not offer non-reserved seating.
So unless you like stopping at the smaller centers I'd definitely take the Kagayaki.
Also note the Standard class and Green Class are offered but the Gran class is not available to pass holders without a charge (usually that means paying the whole fare!).
Enjoy your trip!


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