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shinjuku to osaka

Shinjuku to Osaka

my schedule is like
6/13 from Shinjuku to Osaka
6/15 from Osaka to Kyoto (round trip)
6/16 from Osaka to Kawaguchiko station (fuji)
6/17 from Kawaguchiko to Shinjuku

My question is
1. I heard there are a lot of companies running JR, is this pass good for all the companies?
for example,
JR東日本 JR西日本 JR東海

  1. do you think it is worth to get the 7 days pass? or i should just go for the normal ticket.

thank you.


Hi there,

For this itinerary a 7 day JR Pass will help you make savings. The pass itself is about the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo (or Shinjuku) - Osaka. From there any additional travel is basically what you save with the JR Pass.

I would recommend looking at the route Osaka - Kawaguchiko. This route is very long and nearly takes 6 hours from train travel. If you just wish to view Fuji, then I would recommend visiting Hakone instead. Hakone is a very beautiful area at the base of Fuji and can be accessed using the Shinkansen. It is only only 2.5h from Osaka by train.

The JR Pass is valid on all JR companies nation wide, including the one's you listed.

Hope this helps,

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