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shinjuku to nikko

Shinjuku to Nikko

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I have difficulties understanding how much extra does it cost to get from Shinjuku to Nikko via express train? As far as I understood part of the journey is covered by JR pass and the rest I have to pay? (how much) Any easier free alternatives with JR pass. As I am gonna visit Japan for the first time, its abit scary to get loads of trains when not understanding the language.



Hi there,

There are different ways to access Nikko from Shinjuku. The limited express train directly from Nikko travels a long way on tracks not part of the JR Network and you would have to pay for this. This is ¥1560 with the JR Pass.

An alternative is to use the bullet train from Tokyo station. This route is completely covered by the JR Pass. Here is the route in Hyperdia

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