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shinakasen: planning on the go wifi

Shinakasen: Planning on the Go Wifi

01: One of the chief concern while in Japan is access to the website to plan or check train schedule. Will be using Singapore handphone HP. Is there a "SIM Card' where travellers can buy for use with the Singapore HP? If not what's the recommendation so that traveller can stay connected especially to plan / check on Train route & Schedule?

02: I would prefer not to change hotel often while go round Japan via Shinkansen. So would like to say stay in Kyoto and travel to Kagoshima and return to Kyoto on same day. It is feasible? What's the last train for each day?

03: JR Pass can be used for both Shinkansen and normal trains?

04: I could not find a site that give comprehensive suggestion on where are the main Japan Cities or Countrysides to visit & Stay. Is there such a site? (Normally is bit and pieces write-up)


Hi there,

1.) We don't sell sim cards directy however you can rent a wifi with a discount via our Wifi offer. It works all trough Japan and can be shared along your travel company. Also very handy of checking schedules on any device you may have.

2.) Kagoshima is frankly too far from Kyoto for a day trip. I do suggest staying there at least one night. You can leave your luggage stored at Kyoto station if you don't want to carry it with you. There is a cloakroom service and there are plenty of coin lockers.

3.) Yes! Also see:

4.) There are plenty of good websites that offer ideas, however Japan is so big and has so much that it is hard to include it all. A good starting place is

Hope this helps,

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