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shd i buy a jr pass?

Shd I buy a JR pass?

Hi there, we will be travelling to Japan February of next year. We will be arriving in Haneda airport then go to disney land. Next is sapporo. then we go to kyoto. from kyoto we go to osaka where we will visit universal studio.

will I be abel to save from rail expenses if i take the JR pass?

If so, will you recommend the route to take following the itinerary mentioned and the railways to use.

Also, will i be able to use JR pass in your subways?

many thanks


You don't give your full itinerary, and if you are going round trip Tokyo-Kyoto-Tokyo it is relatively easy to make a 7 day pass worth it. But while going all the way up to Sapporo by rail would make a pass pay off, given your limited time it would kill 2 whole days of your trip with about 10-12 hours on the train each way. It would be far wiser to take a discount air ticket such as on Jet Star or Peach, for less than $50 each way. A pass would only make sense if you were to stop somewhere along the way and take a couple of days to get up there.
Presumably you are going for the Snow Festival, which for 2016 is Feb 5-11. Needless to say, it will be quite frigid during that time in Hokkaido. But there is also some killer skiing there if you are inclined.

If you want to see rail schedules, see Hyperdia.

The pass cannot be used on city subways, buses, etc. Most cities have a day pass for each though if you travel extensively.

Best of luck!


Hello there,

It would depend on how many days you wish to spend in each place/city. The JR Pass can give you amazing savings if you use it tot travel by rail to Sapporo. The downside is that it is quite a ride from Tokyo - Sapporo, even with the superfast Shinkansen. So I would recommend looking into the route yourself and see if you would like to make the trip or prefer to fly.

I can let you know if you post a bit more detailed itinerary.

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