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Is it worth getting the JR pass for 7 days for my family of 5 if we are planning to spend 4 days travelling around Tokyo and 4/3 nights to Hakuba. Will the JR pass covers all our transport cost though I am aware that the JR pass does not cover subways. Someone please advice. Thank


Hi there!

The 7 day JR Pass will cover your transport costs for 5 nights/7 days of travel, and so depending on your exact dates may not cover all of your travel days.

The Pass will cover all of your actual destinations, even around Tokyo, where you can use the extensive JR Tokyo network.

As the return from Tokyo to Hakuba is ¥21,980 and the 7 day pass is ¥28,300, you'll need to spend ¥6320 on further travel. It'll certainly be possible to cover this with some Tokyo travel and your transport on the JR Narita express to the airport, even more so if you include a day trip to the World Heritage Site of Nikko. If you're planning on sticking within the City, then I think it'll be a close run thing as to whether the JR Pass makes sense for your family.

Please note that the JR Pass does not cover the metro/subway in Tokyo.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Mari, thanks for the suggestions


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