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shall i buy a jr rail pass for my itinerary?

Shall I buy a JR rail pass for my itinerary?

I have the following itinerary and I am at a loss as to where I can buy the rail tickets :

1 March 2015 -- from Shin-Osaka to Awara Onsen. I understand I can take the Limited Express Thunderbird at JPY6,570 for each person but just do not know where I can buy this from Hong Kong.

3 March -- from Awara Onsen to Arima Onsen. Should I take the Limited Express Thunderbird from Awara Onsen to Shin-Kobe and then change to the Hokushin Kyuko Railway and Shintetsu Arima or Sanda Line, or should I take a JR bus from Shin-Kobe to Arima Onsen? Or, better to go from Shin-Osaka to Arima?

5 March -- from Arima Onsen to Osaka. Should I take a JR train? If so, which line?

6 March -- from Osaka to Kansai International Airport. Should I buy a Kansai Area Pass at JPY2,060 just for that one trip? Is there any cheaper way to get to the airport from the Granvia Hotel Osaka?


Hi there,

1.) Tickets can be purchased once you arrive in Japan. Just go to a station and buy them at the ticket window. It is currently not possible to do so from abroad.

2.) Arima Onsen can be accessed in different ways. Personally I like the option of taking the ropeway up to mount Rokko and from there an other ropeway to Arima Onsen. This however is not very convenient with luggage and a better option may be to just take an express bus from Shin-Kobe or Kobe stations.

3.) Either take an express bus back to Kobe and the train from there to Osaka or a direct express but from Arima onsen into Osaka.

4.) The Kansai Area pass is 2,000yen a day, while a normal tickets Osaka - Kansai Airport on the JR rapid airport express is around 1,200yen. So I would just stick to a normal ticket here.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you so much Daniel-san. You really put my mind at ease. I am sure many independent travellers like us will benefit from your expert advice.


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