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seek clarification of jr pass coverage from otsuki - shinjuku

seek clarification of JR Pass coverage from Otsuki - Shinjuku

Good day,
This is my 1st trip to Japan. I am excited and looking forward for a good experience within the budget.

Question 1 :
I plan to travel from Kawaguchiko to Shinjuku on 3rd Dec 2016 and
I found a suitable route from Otsuki - Shinjuku station under

Chuo Line - Limited Express which consist of :

  LTD EXP SUPER AZUSA 6   @ 9.35am
  LTD EXP SUPER AZUSA 10 @ 11.05am
  LTD EXP KAIJI 106                 @ 10.04am

Are these covered under my JR Pass ? is there any other additional fees ?
If not covered, what are the lines can be used to maximize JR Pass usage?

Question 2 :
The full fare mentioned in HyperDia which include the reservation seat fare is already covered in the JR Pass?
This condition apply to all lines such as above in Question 1 ( if it is cover under JR Pass)

Thank you


Hi there,

1.) Travel between Shinjuku and Otsuki is fully covered on any of these trains.

2.) Yes, the JR Pass covers all costs and no additional charges are required (Such as seat fee, fare and reserved seat cost).

Hope this helps,

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