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seat reservation for green car pass

Seat Reservation for Green Car Pass


I've twol questions using Green Car JR Pass:

1) Must I reserve my seat for the shinkasen ride? Asking this question, in case the queue is too long and may miss the train for a specific time-slot, thought of just jump in to the Green Car and if the seat is later taken, I could move to non-reserved and non Green-car cabin seats. Is that possible though it is not a decent manner.

2) Could I reserve my seat for various trips at the activation booth? Or I must go to a ticketing office?



Hi there,

1.) You can always use a non-reserved seat on the train but these are ordinary seats.

2.) You can make all the reservations you want once you exchange the JR Pass. If you want to do a lot, bring a list of trains you want to reserve, so the JR Staff can process is quickly.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Daniel-san!


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