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seat reservation

seat reservation


When we arrive in Osaka, we will be exchanging our JR passes, can we also do advance shinkansen/limited express seat reservations? Let's say, we arrive on the night of January 25, and I want to make reservation for Jan 28 (Shin-Osaka-Nagoya), Jan 30 (Shin-Osaka - Tokyo), Feb 1 (Tokyo - Nagoya), and Feb 3 (Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko), will they accept?

Thanks so much. We're just so excited for this. ^_^


Hi there,

Once the JR Pass is exchanged, you may reserve all the seats you like for the validity period. Be sure to bring a printed list of trains/travel dates and times if it's more than 3, this will make the process a lot quicker and the JR Staff will be thankful as well.


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Yey! Thanks so much Daniel. That's a big help.


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