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sear reservation?

sear reservation?

someone told me i have to make reservation for the shinkansan , isn"t true? if after i make the reservation but any delate what should i do? example i use my JR pass on 12/02 early morning when is the last day i can use for my JR pass?


Hi there,

You can make seat reservations for the Shinkansen but this is not required as every trains also has a limited amount of un-reserved seats. For these simply go the Shinkansen Gate and show your JR-Pass. Seat Reservations are free with the JR-Pass, so I would recommend making use of this possibility if you can.

The pass is valid for 7 consecutive days including the first day of use. In your case if you used it on the 12th it would be valid until the 18th 23.59.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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