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sapporo to aomori night train

Sapporo to Aomori Night Train


I am planning to take a night train from Sapporo to Aomori. I read from some forum mentioned that there is a Hamanasu Train that have "nobi nobi" seat. Can I know how much is the surcharge for this night train if I take normal seat and "nobi nobi" seat?


Just one more question added.. As I am planning to travel on 13/02/2012 night and the Yukimatsuri ended @ 12/02/2012, is it still possible to get 4 seat if I book around 08/02/2012?


Hi there,

Here is an itinerary for the Hamanasu Sapporo to Aomori sleeper and it's timetable. Both nobi nobi and reserved seats are free if you have a JR Pass, but you must book them well in advance.

About whether or not you'll be able to book - I'm afraid the answer is 'maybe'... As you can only make free reservations once you are able to present a JR Pass at the JR ticket counter, you are at risk of the train being full up. Make sure you try to reserve places as soon as you land!

Hope this helps!

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