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sanyo area pass

Sanyo Area Pass

This may be a silly question but I just want to be sure. I'll be travelling from Osaka to Hakata, Fukuoka on end March. Here is my planned itinerary :

Day Destination
1 Osaka
2 Mt Koya
3 Mt Koya
4 Osaka
5 Osaka
6 Himeji
7 Fukuoka, Kawabata
8 Fukuoka
9 Fukuoka, Kansai Airport

I presume that the 4 days Sanyo Area pass will be worth it from Day 6 - 9?


I just found out the Sanyo Area Pass will not be available after March 2015 anymore. It will be replaced by this...

It is cheaper and and has more coverage! I'm gonna get this :)


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