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running out of "stamp space" on jr passes

Running out of "stamp space" on JR Passes


This is something I've been wondering about, and it influences how I'll manage my next trip to japan and amount / length of the passes.

Last time, with a 7day pass, I've had my 6th seat reservation "stamp" put into the relatively small field on the back of the pass. There was no additional space left, but I also had to go back, so it was unneded. I also was mostly using the lines that I didn't require a reservation, so I was safe. I've never checked what happens if I try to get a 7th, etc reservation on that JR Pass. And that's my question.

I was wondering, how that exactly works.

For example, my upcoming trip is 24 days long. I'm considering either 21 or 14+7 passes for that. I'm also planning to use it a lot, i.e. for the initial 4 days, I'll most certainly have to use around 5 seat reservations in order to get where I want. And if I'm keeping the pace, if the space wasn't just 6 tiles for stamps (with 1 mandatory stamp for the initial ride), I'll need around 20-25+ stamp spaces in total, at least. :)

What's the ground rule for that? Will smaller stations be having issues with a JR pass that's literally riddled with stamps after some time of heavy use? Will it create issues for my schedule, if I'm constantly questioned or encounter puzzled station attendants? :)

Thank you very much for any answers and best regards!


Hi there,

Beeing a frequent user myself, I can tell that that this is absolutely no problem. They will simply put a stamp in the middle pages of the JR Pass if you run out of space. The JR Pass is truly for unlimited travel within its validity period.

The reason they put stamps on your JR Pass is to avoid abuse, for instance reserving a full Shinkansen train car for yourself is not the idea.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for confirming this from practical standpoint / ecperience.
I was quite puzzled when I realized there's literally no practical answer on the net till now, explaining this part. :)

Thanks again and best regards!


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