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round trip to tokyo - hiroshima in 7 days

Round Trip to Tokyo - Hiroshima in 7 days

I'm going to be in Tokyo from the 30th of August, from there I was looking to do a bit of a tour.

Something like

2nd Aug to Kyoto
4th Aug to Hiroshima
6th Aug to Osaka
8th Aug to Tokyo

Not a lot of time, as I've only got 10days but I want to pack in as much as I can in the time I have available.

I was thinking of a 7 days pass, but that means I would have to pick it up on the 2nd to fit within the 7 days, is that right?

If that is the case, do I need to book ahead for any of the journeys or can I just turn up at the stations and travel.




Hi Graham,

Looks like a good trip, and I think a 7 day pass would be perfect for this sort of route. Starting your 7 day validity period on the 2nd would mean that your last day of validity would be on the 8th - the day you return to Tokyo.

Regarding booking, there are no major public holidays scheduled for that period, so provided you are not travelling during rush hour periods (8-9am, 5-7pm) you should be fine to just turn up at the station and reserve a seat on the next train (or even hop onto non-reserved if you are in a rush). If you are concerned about your seats, you can also arrange the reservations all at once at the start of your trip while you are in Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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