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riding the train

Riding the train

I copied my reply - just in case you do not read the replies - understandable with so many questions...

Thanks! I delighted to be able to give you a "new" question! (Rabbit Island)
I am really looking forward to our trip. My one son just wants to ride the bullet trains all over the country -
Which leads me to another question.

I was reading about the Japanese Alps. Do you have a suggestion for a day of "riding the rails" or wide view train that would be an adventure in itself covered by the JP pass? Based from Tokyo, Kyoto or elsewhere?

This is the most helpful thing ever!!
Thank you so much Daniel


Hi Anne,

It's best to stick to one topic, I get a notification when you post a replay. In general new topics are answered based when they are posted.

For reference Here is a link to your other topic. You'll also find the answer to your question there :)

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