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reserving tickets over new year in japan

Reserving tickets over New Year in Japan

How far ahead should I reserve tickets using the JR pass? I'll be reaching in the morning on the 28th of Dec, will that be sufficient to get my tickets for the new year period?


Just to add on, I think I have the question worded wrongly,

  1. I'll be arriving on the 24th of Dec, is there sufficient time to reserve tickets on the 29th from Tokyo to Kyoto?

  2. I have another group of people joining me and are arriving on the 28th. If they reserve their tickets on the 28th, is that enough time for them to get the tickets departing on the 29th from Tokyo to Kyoto?


So I did some more research and found out my options are as follow,

  1. Ask a friend who knows Japanese to reserve it for me at the end of November when the ticket sale opens. Cancel and rebooked it again on the 24th when I get my JR pass.

  2. Take my chances and reserve it on the 24th when I arrive

  3. Preorder through a travel agent.

For option 1, does my friend who is reserving through have to be in Japan? Secondly, after reservation, how do I go about collecting the tickets? (do they mail it to my current address?) and Lastly, can I cancel the tickets and rebooked it using my JR pass at the Narita airport?


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