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reserving seats with jr pass

Reserving seats with JR Pass


Quick questions for those that have (maybe) experienced this ... Is it possible, once we land in Narita and got our JR Pass to make reservations (with seats) for at least 5 of our trips using trains in Japan? We will arrive there for a 3 week holiday and would like to be able to book seats for the trains we will be taking in the last week of our trip as it is bang on the golden week.

I am afraid the desk will be quite busy with so many people landing at Narita and getting their JR Pass and doing the same. Is it a better idea to wait we get to our first station outside of Tokyo and do it there or there is no point as if most people are doing that then we should just go ahead and do it too!

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Hi Yona,

Yes, it's totally possible to reserve a set of seats for trains during your trip at Narita. I recommend you assess the situation when you arrive. If it looks busy, then it may be a better idea to place your reservations at the JR ticket office, or at the JR travel service centre in Tokyo station (or outside Tokyo even).

I have reseved seats at Narita on exchange of my rail pass with good success before so it is certainly possible! I recommend you bring a printed itinerary detailing from, to, date and time of the trains you would like to take to make placing your reservations easiest for the JR staff.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Mari! Much appreciated.


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