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reserving a seat on the tokyo-kyoto hikari train

Reserving a seat on the Tokyo-Kyoto Hikari train

I've read that you can reserve a seat on the Tokyo-Kyoto Hikari train at a Travel Service Center (Midori-no-madoguchi) at a JR station.

Two questions:
1) Can I reserve this seat (and also exchange my JR Pass voucher for a real ticket) several days in advance of the day I intend to travel?
2) Can I exchange my voucher and my wife's voucher by myself? Does she need to be with me when I make the exchange or can I just take her passport.



Hi there,

1.)Yes this is possible but you will have to exchange your JR Pass before. You can select a first day of use when you exchange your JR Pass (this can be up to 30 days in the future). Once you've done this you can make all the seat reservations you wish.

2.) Every person will have to be present when you activate your pass, this is to verify that you will be the user of the pass. However it's only a small procedure and generally takes less than 5 minutes to finish.

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