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reserve seat

Reserve Seat


I will arrive at Osaka on 19/07/13 at 08.25am.
I plan to travel to Tokyo on 20/07/13 at 00.34am by Sunshine Express.
My concern is the nobi nobi seat is very popular, can I reserve the seat thru online? Or any other way from Osaka to Tokyo for JP Pass user?

Please advice and thanks in advance


Hi there!

I'm afraid you are not able to reserve sleeper cars online, and can only reserve them once in Japan with your Japan Rail Pass. By far the fastest way to travel from Osaka to Tokyo for JR Pass holders is by Hikari bullet train (around 2.5hrs), however there are no other overnight options I'm afraid.

If you are on a tight budget, I recommend you look into the Toyoko Inn chain which have hotels very near to most major stations.

I hope this helps!

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