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reservations and trains schedules

reservations and trains schedules

I am travelling in japan at the start of march using the jr rail pass, will i need to reserve seats or will i be fine just turning up to the station the day i need to catch a train? my schedule is very tight so i need to travel on specific days. From what i have read on the internet, most trains wont be full, is this right?

Also is there anywhere that you can view the schedules of the jr trains, i need to be getting trains the early the better, so i wanted to look at the train times for each day, how long they take to get to the next city etc



Hi there!

For travel planning and route information be sure to use, this is a great website which we use daily to look up fares, travel times and other relevant information.

It does take a little bit to get used too, since Hyperdia displays a lot (and I really mean A LOT!) of information. We have a great BLOG POST to help you get started.

As for Seat Reservations going to the station 15-20 minutes before departed and reserving tickets then and there generally works just fine, it is only during busy national holidays that seat reservations in advance are required.

The JR Pass does allow you to make all the reservations you want, the moment that you have your actual pass, so you could just reserve everything beforehand - this may be useful for instance if you really have to be on a certain train.

Hope this helps!

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