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reservation for ticket

Reservation for ticket

Hi there,

I just purchased 4 adults and 2 kids JR Pass. #296004. Can I pre-book my ticket and collect it on the 28/1/2014 at the Ueno Station, since most of my time table are basically firm.

Tokyo 1003 track 15 - Shinkansen Hikari 467
Arrived Shin-Osaka 1303 (track 22)

Shin-Osaka 1040 track 26 - Shinkansen Hikari 464
Arrived Nagoya 1133 (track 15)
Nagoya 1143 (track 11) - Ltd Exp Hida 9
Arrived Takayama 1408

Takayama 1133 - Ltd Exp Hida 8
Arrived Nagoya 1402 (track 3)

Sapporo 1050(track 7) - Ltd Exp Hokuto 10
Arrived Hakodate 1418

Hakodate 1017 - Ltd Exp super Hakucho 26
Shin-Aomori(track 11) - Shinkansen Hayate 34
Arrived Ueno 1602


Hi there!

Thank you for ordering your JR Pass with us!
Unfortunately it is only possible to make seat reservations once you arrive in Japan. However the end of January is not a very busy travel period and I am sure that you will be able to get seats, even if you just book them 5 minutes before departure. We also have a great blog post with more information regarding seat reservations.

It's a very nice itinerary btw! You are just in time for the Sapporo Snow Festival (or Yuki Matsuri in Japanse).

Have a great time in Japan!

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