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regular rail ticket or 7-day pass for tokyo-hakone-kyoto-osaka trip

Regular rail ticket or 7-day pass for Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto-Osaka trip


I will be traveling to Japan with my family (6 adults total) arriving in Tokyo Narita on mid-October. We plan to stay in the Shinjuku area and stay 3 nights in Tokyo and explore Tokyo and surrounding areas and then we leave Tokyo for Hakone where we will stay 1 night. Then we leave Hakone for Kyoto where we will stay in a hotel and spend 2 nights and explore Kyoto and nearby Kobe, Nara, and Osaka while we are there

We plan to leave Kyoto and spend 1 night at a hotel near Osaka Kansai airport and leave Japan the next morning

Question: Should we get a 7 day JR pass or is there a more economical way for us to use the rail system? We will mainly want to take the rail everywhere we go since my mother-in-law cannot walk very far due to issues with her legs.

Also, does all the JR trains have first class and if I get the first class tickets are the seats reserved?

Thanks for your help



Hi Peter,

I checked your itinerary for the best option and recommend buying normal tickets for this trip. A JR Pass would have been great if you made a return to Tokyo after Osaka but normal tickets are more economic right now.

Seats can be reserved for Green (1st Class) and Ordinary (2nd Class) seats.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel-san, thank you for your advise



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