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redeeming the voucher and expiration times

redeeming the voucher and expiration times


I would like to purchase a 21 day JPR pass. Timing is of some concern for me.

So I guess my question is: If I arrive in Japan on October 20 and redeem my voucher between then and November 20 (I think I have to redeem it within one month of arrival?), can I only activate it for use between November 30 and December 20 - or is it immediately activated upon redeeming the voucher?

And secondly, does all travel have to be concluded within three months of the original date of purchase? If I purchased my JPR on September 15 for example, arrived in Japan on October 20, and redeemed the voucher for a pass on November 1, would I be able to use the pass from November 30 until December 20 or would it no longer be valid after December 15?

Thank you.


Hi Carolyn,

The JR Pass has to be redeemed within 90 days after purchase, your arrival date in Japan is irrelevant to this. When you activate the JR Pass, you can select a first day of use up to 30 days in the future, so you don't have to start using it right away.

The JR Pass is counted in consecutive days and will start counting from the first day of use you select.

Hope this helps,

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Very helpful. Thank you Daniel.


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