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railpass 14day's?

railpass 14day's?


We're going to Japan in July. We're 4 persons ( 2adults and 2 children 14 and 15 years old).
the plan is the following:

  • day 1: arriving in Osaka -day2: leaving for Kyoto for 4 nights+ daytrip to Nara from Kyoto
  • day 2 kyoto -day 3: daytrip Nara -day 4: kyoto -day5: leaving for kyosan -day 6: trip to hiroshima
  • day 7: hiroshima
  • day 8: naoshima -day 9: kanazawa
  • day 10: kanazawa -day 11:shirawaka-go -day 12: takayama -day 13: takayama
  • day 14: mount fuji
  • day 15: mount fuji
  • day 16: mount fuji -day 17: tokyo
  • day 18;trip to Nikko -day 19: tokyo -day 20: back home

Is it best to take a JPrailpass starting from day 4 for until day 17 , 14 days . Or do you have any other suggestions.

I have an other question: If you want to take the Nozomi train, do you have to pay a supplement or buy a new ticket?

Thanks in advance



Hi Sabine,

Looking at your itinerary, I would also recommend using a 14 day JR Pass but from day 6 to 19 and include the trip to Nikko with it as well. This would allow you to get the best use out of the JR Pass.

The Nozomi train is not included and passengers wishing to travel on the Nozomi, have to pay the full price. You can use the Hikari train with the JR Pass instead of the Nozomi, the main difference is that the Nozomi makes fewer stops on the way.

Hope this helps,

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