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rail travel from tokyo-osaka-hiroshima-osaka-kyoto-osaka-tokyo

Rail travel from tokyo-osaka-hiroshima-osaka-kyoto-osaka-tokyo


For the trip tokyo-osaka-hiroshima-osaka-kyoto-osaka-tokyo, which japan rail pass should I use?
Also, what is the time taken by the sakura sinkashein to reach hiroshima from osaka and also osaka from hiroshima. Is it covered by the nationwide rail pass?


Hi there,

It would depend on the amount of days/nights that your itinerary takes so either the 7-day JR Pass or 14-Day JR Pass]( Both will allow you to make some good savings but especially the 7-day pass if you can fit your itinerary it its validity period.

The Shinkansen Sakura, is fully covered by the JR Pass and the travel time between Osaka and Hiroshima is just 87 Minutes.

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