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quick jr pass query + itinerary check

Quick JR pass query + itinerary check

Hi all,

First time going to Japan so doing lots of research and have been reading lots of posts on this great site already.

Quick question regarding JR pass validity - the All JR pass 7/14/21 must be used continuously during the relating time package correct? In other words it's not possible to use a 7 pass over 10 days?

My itinerary so far is:
16th March Osaka (from research the Airport monorail is not included in JR pass, so its bus$ or monorail$ + subway)
Osaka - Kyoto
Kyoto for a few days, Universal
Kyoto - Tokyo
Tokyo for 10 days+ Disney, tourist stuff inc 3 dayside trip to snow up north being organised by my cousin as a package so may fly or rail but will be included as a deal.
Tokyo - Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji - Tokyo
Tokyo - Narita Airport 3rd April

Are all of the areas i mentioned ok for JR pass?

For convenience i think a 21 day pass is the way to go, unless its possible to use a 14 day pass sporadically.



Hi Chris,

The JR Pass is valid for a [consecutive period of time](

Looking at your planned travel, I would actually suggest just buying tickets as you travel, you don't cover enough miles for the JR Pass to really pay of (even though the pass covers most of your travel).

Have a great trip!

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Thanks Daniel,

After reviewing your sugggestion and checking out the potential fares we will need to take, it will be cheaper just to buy tickets as we travel.

unless we can work the Kyoto - Tokyo and Snow trip within a 7 day time period - then a 7 day pass would work out.

Many thanks


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