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questions on types of jr pass

Questions on types of JR Pass

Dear Mari,

Pls help to answer my questions.

I found one Singapore webpage ( saying that local agents are selling different types of JR Passes. They are

N - JR Nationwide Pass
W - JR West Pass
E - JR East Pass
H - JR Hokkaido Pass
K - JR Kyushu Pass
KN - JR Kyushu Northern Pass

(1) My question is that which type of pass I should buy for 7 days? (2) The 7 days pass that your website selling (S$463 for ordinary car) belongs to which type, N,W,E,H,K or KN?

My trip is round trip from Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima.

Thanks in advance.



Hi there!

We sell the 'N' class nationwide pass. In general unless you are very sure you will only stay in one of the JR zones the Nationwide pass is the best pass to get as it allows maximum flexibility for a small extra charge over most regional passes.

In your case you'll be travelling through JR-East, JR-Central and JR-West zones, and so will certainly need the 'N' class nationwide pass. You can find all our current prices for the nationwide Japan Rail Pass on our prices page here. Please note that our prices change in line with the exchange rate and so may vary on a day to day basis.

Hope this helps!

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