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quastions about jr pass


First I'm traveling from Nagoya to Nagano with LTD. EXP (WIDE VIEW) SHINANO 7 and I wanted to make sure its covered fully by JR PASS?

second, I'm planning a long term trip and I was wandering if I can order online 4 JR PASS.
2 tickets for 21 days
and 2 tickets for 7 days
also can I choose which dates I want to activate them, for example when I'll arrive to Narita airport I will exchange them in the JR office for the dates I choose and not necessarily in sequence ?
for example I don't need the JR PASS for Tokyo so I want to only activate 2 tickets after Tokyo and two before Tokyo is that ok?

thanks in advance


Yes, JR Limited express trains like Shinano are covered. Be aware though that it will still take nearly 3 hours.

Also yes, you can order multiple JR Passes - but the times you activate them for must not overlap. When you activate a pass you can pick a future date for it to start if you wish - it does not have to be from the day you go to the JR office at all.

You did not specify any itinerary. But it may be the case you don't need a full 7 day JR pass depending on where you are going. Look at these cheaper regional passes and see if they will save you money:

Good luck.


thank you so much for the quick answer! you helped me a lot
by the way can I choose to activate them all upon arriving to Narita airport and giving them a specific dates to all of the tickets, for example :
7 days ticket from 27 to march until the first of April and then the 21 day ticket from 10th of April until April 30
and another 21 day ticket from may first until 21 to may and the last ticket of 7 day from 22 to may until 28 of may??
also I'm visiting many cities in three months and not necessarily in the same region
so JR PASS is my only solution, but thanks any way for the advice
have a great day.


Yes, all at once is fine, but remember that no changes are allowed after activation.

Best regards..


You can turn in a JR pass voucher ("exchange order") for a refund minus a 10% handling fee but only if you've not activated it. If your plans change and you have to leave Japan early for some reason an activated pass voucher is "used up" even if it was for a later period, and you can't get a refund on it.

It doesn't take long to activate a pass when you're in a major station or at an airport so I'd suggest you only activate one at a time, just in case. It also gives you a bit more flexibility in your travels if you change your mind during your stay on when you plan to travel.

One important thing to watch out for if you do this though is that there's a time limit on using an exchange order after buying it. Condition 2 on the exchange order says it must be exchanged for a JR pass within three months from the date of purchase, which is stamped on the pass when it is sent to you by the seller.

It looks you're planning to be in Japan for over two months according to your sample itinerary. If you buy your exchange orders too far in advance the later orders might have expired when you come to exchange them. For example, if you had purchased several passes on February 17th you'd have to activate the last one before May 17th otherwise it would expire.


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