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purchasing jr pass when visiting japan on temporary mission (attending conference)

Purchasing JR Pass when visiting Japan on temporary mission (attending conference)

Dear JR Pass Customer Service Officer,

I will leave for Japan from Indonesian on Wednesday, 11 March 2015, to attend a world conference in Sendai using my diplomatic passport. For your information, I've already got a one year multiple entry visa from Japan Embassy in Jakarta.

Am I eligible to purchase and make use of JR Pass since I plan to stay in Sendai for a week during the conference?

If I'm not eligible to purchase JR Pass, what are the best options available for me to get Sendai from Haneda International Airport using Shinkansen? Can I purchase a single-trip (or round-trip) ticket from Haneda international airport?

Your prompt response would be very appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,

Nur Ibrahim


Unfortunately, to use a JR Pass you must enter Japan under a Temporary Visitor Status (i.e. Landing Permit or Tourist Visa).
It should look like this:

If you are arriving on a diplomatic visa with permission to stay in Japan over 90 days, then it's extremely doubtful you could exchange an order for a JR Pass.
If you wish to see some places in the Tokyo area, or get part of the way up to Sendai, you could get a JR Kanto Area Pass. See:


March 11 is tomorrow. Not only you are not eligible for JR Pass, but also you have no time to buy JR Pass exchange voucher in your country.

Oh JR Kanto Pass will be good option, you can pay the fare difference at JR Sendai station with cash.


Hello Nur Ibrahim,

As mentioned in the above posts, you are only eligible for the JR P{ass with a 14 or 90 day tourist visa.

The JR Kanto Pass does not cover the super fast Hayabusa train and it would be better to buy normal tickets if you wish to travel on it. You can however ask if return tickets are available. This will provide you a 5-10% discount on the total fare.

You'll have to travel from Haneda to Tokyo station first, this route could be useful.

All the best,

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