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purchase date and start date of jr pass

Purchase date and start date of JR Pass

I plan to purchase 2 different PASSES. One is a 3 day Kanto JR Pass for travel from Narita to Karuizawa for the first 3 days. Then a 7 day JR PASS for the next seven day. Do I need to buy exchange order or do I go directly to the JR ticket office in Narita airport to buy Kanto JR Pass?
From Karuizawa I plan to travel to Hokkaido and Kyushu. I plan to buy the exchange order before I leave USA. When I get to Narita airport I will exchange for the JR PASS. At this time can I select the date I want to activate the PASS?



Hello Ken,

You'll have to place and order for the JR Pass (XO) outside of Japan. The Kanto pass however can be purchased upon arrival at Narita Airport or at Tokyo station.

Once you arrive at Narita Airport you can select a starting date for your JR Pass up to 30 days in the future. It is also possible to exchange your JR Pass at a later date, at any of these stations.

Hope this helps!

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