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purchase / collection of jr pass

Purchase / Collection of JR Pass

Hi Daniel

I have a few more questions for you.

When purchasing a JR pass is the best price available on the site ?

If purchasing pass from JR site do I have to pay the USD 25 delivery charge ? ( mentioned in site as delivery charge to Sri Lanka by Fed Ex )

Could I not collect same from Narita airport on my arrival ?

If I have the pass delivered to my Tokyo accommodation , would I still be eligible for free travel from Narita airport to the city ?



Hello Chanaka,

We do offer one of the best prices available, there are no extra charges and shipping is free to many countries.

I looked up current shipping charges to Shir Lanka and it is indeed 25 USD or equivalent in your own currency.
The JR Pass is only available for purchase outside of Japan and that's the reason why you can't buy one directly in Japan or pick it up at Narita Airport. An alternative is that you can have it shipping to accommodation in Japan (given that you place the order before going to Japan).

The JR Pass is valid once you have exchanged it so you would have to buy a ticket to your hotel. There are however a couple of good options available, such as the 1,500yen Narita Express ticket or there's a 900yen bus service between Narita Airport and Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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