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prizes in hyperdia

Prizes in hyperdia


I will visit to japan and use JR pass but I still don't understand when i read from hyperdia if there is shown another colour train for example when i plan trip from haneda airport terminal 1 to tennoji osaka, there is shown some route with tokyo monorail local and keikyu airport exp with colour of the train is pink so my question is am i must pay more for this? because i have explained from my agent where i buy JR Pass in Indonesia they say that if the symbol train colour is pink it is not cover only colour green covered with JR Pass.
Meanwhile I ever read from some another information that all train shown in hyperdia is cover by Jr Pass included monorail.




Hello Arief!

It can indeed take a little time to get used to Hyperdia. I would advise removing the Private Railway search option in Hyperdia. This will allow you to find all lines covered by the JR Pass.

Travel from Haneda as a bit of an expection as Hyperdia considers the Tokyo Monorail a private railway, however it is covered by the JR Pass.

For more, see our Hyperdia planning Blog.

Hope this helps,

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