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pls advise on the itinerary (18/3 - 30/3)

Pls advise on the Itinerary (18/3 - 30/3)

18/3 to 19/3 Travelling within Tokyo Area but start to use 7 days of JR Pass from 20/3 to 26/3.

I would like to know whether the JR Pass covered the following train line & area:

1) 20/3:- Hotel Shinjuku to Disneyland
JR Yamanote Line, JR Keiyo Line

2) 21/3:- Shinjuku to Odaiba, Tokyo tower, Roppongi
JR Chuo Line, Train/ Subway, JR Yamanote Line

3) 22/3:- Shinjuku to Tsukiji, Ginza, Imperial Palace East Garden, Tokyo Sky Tree, Akihabara Electric Town
JR Yamanote Line, Subway/ Train, JR Sobu Line Local, JR Chuo Line

4) 23/3:- Hotel Shinjuku to Mt Fuji
JR Chuo Line, Train Chuo Liner 5, JR Chuo Main Line & Train

5) 24/3:- Mt Fuji to Nagoya
JR Chuo Main Line, JR Chuo Line, JR Yokohama Line, JR Tokaido/ Sanyo Shinkansen & Subway

6) 25/3:- Nagoya to Takayama
Subway, JR Hida, Bus

7) 26/3:- Takayama to Kyoto
JR Hida, JR Tokaido/ Sanyo Shinkensen

27/3- Travel within Kyoto by daily bus
28/3 to 30/3- Travel within Osaka area

Your kind advice on the above mentioned is much appreciated.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Samuel Chong


Hi Samuel Chong,

The JR Pass covers all lines on the JR network, including all Shinkansen (bullet trains), these lines are generally marked with JR on the front, such as the JR Yamanote line and Chuo line in Tokyo. Here is a map with all lines covered in Tokyo. Note that other kinds of transport such as the metro are not covered by the JR Pass.

Except for the Metro/Subway the other part not covered in your itinerary is the bus to around Takayama.

I hope this helps!

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