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please look at my initial plan to go around japan with jr pass

please look at my initial plan to go around japan with JR pass

Hello daniel i'm wondering if JR pass can be used to the places/cities I would like to go in mid march. Flight would be return to tokyo narita. Travel is 10 days. Like to visit tokyo, osaka, kyoto, mt. Fuji (would i be able to go via kawaguchi n return to tokyo via hakone? But i dont really want to take the cable car but okay with shinkansen, fujikyu rail or buses), nara, gala yuzawa, kobe(if have time), would you recommend any other cities please? We like scenic view and maybe no theme parks because my children only 5 n 6yrs old that would be too young to wait long queue at Disney.

Thank you for your help n info.



Hi Ina,

The JR Pass can be used to access Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, Kobe, Nara, Gala-Yuzawa and pretty much any other city in Japan.

Fuji is a bit more complicated as there are many types of transport and different areas around Fuji to visit. We have a detailed post here.

You may also find this Family trip itinerary useful for ideas on where to take everyone.

Hope this helps,

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