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please help with planning

Please help with planning

Hi. I am taking my wife to Tokyo from April 13th to 20th. I am staying in Shinuku. This will be our first time in Japan. We are arriving at Narita Airport. During our stay we would like to travel on a bullet train, visit disneyland, try and get to a few Hard Rock Cafes (one in Ueno one in Roppongi and one in Yokohama). Would also ike to see Mt Fuji. Would it be worthwhile paying out £450 for two JR passes. Is everything covered by these passes. Also the metro (underground), is it covered by the JR pass. Many thanks


Hi there!

Hmm... with such a trip where you're based in and around Tokyo, there may be other ways to travel without a 7 day japan rail pass (You'll need to spend over ¥28,300 on JR tickets for a 7 day pass to be worthwhile - in general a return trip to Kyoto for example makes the JR Pass well worth it).

In the case of your itinerary, how about the following:

  • Buy a return Narita Express Suica package on arrival in Japan (¥5,500) - this will get you a good deal of free transport on the Metro while you are in Tokyo.
  • Buy an Odakyu Hakone Freepass (2 days) (¥5000) - this will take you from Shinjuku in Tokyo all around the Hakone area (one of the most popular hotsprings and places to see Mt Fuji).
  • Buy individual JR tickets to Yokohama/Disneyland etc and as needed - Yokohama return is only around ¥900 return for example.
  • Buy an individual return to Nikko near Tokyo (¥10,000) - this will let you experience the bullet train and Nikko is a great day trip from Tokyo .

This will bring your total travel spend to something around ¥23,000 and will have the added bonus of having travel around Hakone and ¥2000 of the Tokyo metro built in (The Metro is not run by JR so is not covered by the JR Pass).

Hope this helps!

P.S. You can look up train timetables and costs for other trips at the Hyperdia travel planning website.

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